First Time Voter

As an aspiring photojournalist, the elections were an exciting time to be around. I guess it was good that I didn’t get too many assignments during this period and I was able to go around and attend rallies and just soak in the atmosphere of my very first proper elections.

Needless to say the experience was eye-opening as I got to watch some of the photographers that I look up to shoot alongside me at some of the rallies. Shooting alongside them and seeing their final product compared to mine was truly humbling. It was really a good learning experience.

The experience felt like an awakening for me. Politically, it was the first time I was in the thick of all the rallies and torrents of opinionated speeches off and online. Scrutinising every word, every movement, every social media post, down to the food you eat, Singapore was politically charged.

It was also an exciting time to be in the media because you can see the various arsenal of tools that were on display to cover this monumental event. From shooting videos using iphones and a mic down to the army of photographers, everybody wanted a slice of history to take home.


This gallery of photographs is a sliver of what I managed to capture out of all that mess.

Posted on September 29, 2015 in Journal, News

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