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First Time Voter

As an aspiring photojournalist, the elections were an exciting time to be around. I guess it was good that I didn’t get too many assignments during this period and I was able to go around and attend rallies and just soak in the atmosphere of my very first proper elections. Needless to say the experience…

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Yoga in the mall

Ever since I started freelancing, my fitness regime has been turned upside down because many of my assignments or jobs happen on weekends or clash with my usual football schedules. I am not a big fan of going to the gym, preferring to play team sports instead. But the problem with team sports like football…

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On board the USS Fort Worth

This week is proving to be a very busy week with assignments every single day until next Tuesday. I guess this is the freelance life. You could be questioning where your next job is going to come from one moment and be drowned in work the next. This assignment came out of the blue and…

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Dortmund turning on the charm in Singapore

With the Singapore Sports Hub now going full steam with events, Singapore sports enthusiasts are really benefitting from all the sports events that the world-class venue attracts. I strongly believe the stadium is how they got the Barclays Asia Trophy to Singapore. But even before that could start, we have Borussia Dortmund yesterday coming into…

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Taking the plunge

Fresh out of university and without (that much) responsibilities I am taking the plunge into the world of freelancing and this is the start of my journey. So here it is, my very first website where I will be able to keep track of my assignments and also showcase my work to the world. I…

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