Stefanus Ian

More than just a writer, Stefanus also tells stories with photographs and continues to explore new platforms and mediums to be a better storyteller.




From breaking news to feature stories, Stefanus has written for various publications and covered various topics like sports, technology and lifestyle. 



Adapting to the changing media landscape, Stefanus is also capable of telling stories with photographs. He has experience in news, sports and also event photography. 



Stefanus is also a technology enthusiast and continuously experiments with the latest media developments and platforms that can help him tell better stories. He is also able to shoot and edit video packages for stories with a strong visual element.


Currently, Stefanus freelances for international news wire agency Agence France-Presse and is available for commercial projects.

Previous Clients

Here are a few organisations that have used photos or stories by Stefanus in the past. Click on the icons to see his works for the respective clients.

 Client  Client  Client Client  Client Client Client Client

From writing to photography, Stefanus has worked with many clients — both editorial or commercial — to deliver videos, photographs and articles that tells stories. Stefanus believes in continuing to improve his writing and photography skills by taking on various kinds of assignments and is committed to delivering the best job he can in every assignment.

Follow Stefanus on twitter, instagram and snapchat: @stefanusian


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